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Xylastin is a cosmetic active which improves the firmness, suppleness, and smoothness of skin by supporting the building blocks of skin structure.


Fucoidan is highly bioactive compound that plays a pivotal role in protecting seaweed from water-borne pathogens and damage caused by ultraviolet light (UV). Extensive research has demonstrated that fucoidan extracts possess similar remarkable skin-protective effects and offer a wide range of benefits in dermatological applications.


Derived from peach gum resin, this active instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for up to 8 hours a day.


TXVector is the first of its kind anti-aging depigmentation active for a naturally even skin tone. Studies showed reduced redness in two weeks and reduced dark spots in four weeks

TeraPowder™ LL

The 100% active version of our lauroyl lysine. Ideal for powders, sticks, and bars.

TeraGlyceryl™ Olive

Botanical oil linked to polyglycerin to allow easy addition of olive oil into water-based formulas and surfactant systems. Promotes easy wash-off.

TeraSerum™ Jagua

TeraSerum™ Jagua is a natural ingredient made from the edible jagua fruit (Genipa americana), sustainably sourced from the tropical rainforest in Colombia. It is extracted with water and preserved with vegetable glycerin.

TeraSerum™ Yerba Mate

TeraSerum™ Yerba Mate is a microencapsulated botanical extract for the delivery of natural polyphenols. It is extracted with water and encapsulated to powder with maltodextrin (modified starch).


Natural solubilizer for fragrances, essential oils, and lipophilic actives. Exceeds the performance of synthetics (polysorbate-80 and PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil). Ideal for hydrating toners, micellar waters, essences, and refreshing mists for hair and skin.


TeraSorb™ is a plant-based absorbent and texturizer. It's unique amylopectin properties drive high performance in deodorant applications and skincare.