Formulation & Product Development
Our specialty is highly clean, 100% natural products using the latest in cosmetic raw materials. Formulation work is 100% owned by the client, giving the client maximum flexibility in their manufacturing outsource program. Actera’s formulators have decades of cosmetic development experience. 
Preservative Strategy & Testing
Actera’s experts have lead the two decade transition from harsher biocidal preservatives to the more gentle, natural preservatives typical of clean beauty today. Many contract manufacturing organizations lack the full range of options and techniques for effectively preserving formulations to both US and European standards. Brands employ Actera to design effective preservation strategies and testing. Actera’s specially designed protocol meets US and EU standards (PCPC and EP). It allows for rapid turn-around, innovation and optimized launch plan.
Clean Beauty Communications 
Actera helps brands be transparent. 
We translate science & sourcing detail into powerful product features and brand equity. The consumer is trying to get smarter about what they use. Actera helps brands’ communication teams answer those questions. Actera’s PhD level scientists and botanical experts turn their knowledge base into accessible knowledge. We help ensure that your consumer feels connected, reassured, and better informed.
Custom Sustainable Sourcing
Hero ingredients lose their hero status if they are not virtuous.
Actera uses our wide global network — with personal, human connection — to ensure brands have access to a wide range of fair trade and sustainably sourced botanicals, where those who are growing or harvesting are getting their rightful share of the benefits. Brands can employ Actera to custom source hero ingredients with virtuous stories to share with their customers.

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