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Lactobacillus/Salix Purpurea Bark Ferment Extract (and) Glycerin


Salixin glucoside active ingredient for anti-inflammation in skincare and oral care products. Made from sustainably fermented Danish willow bark.

Amber liquid

Salicylates are the original pharmaceutical active, with similarities to its close cousin aspirin. From ancient times Hippocrates reported on willow’s pain-relieving properties, and since then the historical record is filled with reports of its use in treatments for digestion, menstruation, skin diseases and weight loss.Salixin takes these health benefits to the next level through traditional fermentation processes that concentrate and transform the willow extract into untold beneficial molecules. The product is entirely from certified organic agriculture, sustained through healthy farming practices resulting in abundant bioactivity. The final ingredient produced is 100% natural, yet truly active in healing treating topical conditions.

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