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Oleyl Adapalenate


Adapinoid® is the only third generation retinoid for cosmetic use. This novel active is a precursor of adapalene which is proven to increase collagen, reduce photoaging, balance skin tone, sooth inflammation, reduce pores, and clear acne-prone skin. Unlike first generation retinoids (vitamin A types like retinol and retinoic acid), Adapinoid has far fewer toxicity, stability, and skin-irritation concerns.

Off-white powder

• Suggested use level: 0.16 – 0.5% minimum
• Add to oil phase and heat to 80⚬C. Mix until homogeneous and proceed with phase combination


New Clinical Results on Adapinoid

In an 8-week clinical pilot study on 13 women, age 40-65, subjects used a 0.5% Adapinoid serum nightly. Self-perception questionnaire was completed at 4 and 8 weeks with Canfield Visia CR digital photography analysis at baseline, 1, 4, and 8 weeks. Qualitative improvement in wrinkles, pores, and redness were observed. 100% of subjects agreed the product was gentle on skin.

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