TeraCeutic™ Succinic

100% Natural Redermalization Active

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Succinic Acid


TeraCeutic Succinic is an active ingredient for skin renewal, resurfacing, exfoliation, and brightening. It improves the overall smoothness and radiance of the skin by promoting an optimized cell turnover (desquamation).

White powder

Suggested use level:

Skin care – 2.0 to 12.0%

Hair care – 2.0% to 12.0%

Suggested pH range:

Skin care – 3.0 to 5.0

Hair care – 3.5 to 6.0

Succinic acid (succinate) is a natural component found in all cells in the body. It helps to normalize microcirculation, contributes to lymphatic drainage, helps to regulate cellular energy exchange, has antioxidant properties, helps to prevent damage of the cell membrane, and contributes to the synthesis of basic structural proteins.

As undamaged natural hair is chemically processed (e.g., bleaching), it becomes less elastic and breaks more easily. Therefore, bleached hair requires more force to bend if compared to undamaged hair. After treating bleached hair fibers with TeraCeutic Succinic at 2.5% only once, we noticed a 21% recovery of natural bounce. All measurements were taken at 20°C, 65% humidity, using the system Dia-Stron. n= 20 fibers, Caucasian hair.

Skin gel peels containing 7.5 wt.% active were applied to the forearm of five female subjects, aged 40-50. The area was rubbed for 30 seconds, rinsed, and patted dry. Skin surface scaliness was determined by D-Squame sampling before treatment and also 15 minutes after rinsing off.


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