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Wool Extarct (and) Oxidized Keratin


Keratin (and) Hydrolyzed Keratin (and) Oxidized Keratin

FK Restore™ is a proprietary blend of keratin proteins that are closer in form and function to human hair than any other material previously produced, enabling the reversal of hair damage. FK Restore™ penetrates the cortex of damaged hair to nourish, strengthen, reduce breakage and restore hair structure.

  • Repairs damaged hair: Chemically treated is more brittle. FK Restore™ repairs damaged hair close to virgin state and binds strongly to exterior of damaged hair with 80% reduction in breakage.
  • Anti-Aging: Aging in hair can be caused by environmental factors like pollution and UV exposure, resulting in free-radical damage. FK Restore™ provides naturally high cystine content (4.3mol%) that provides a sacrificial shield against aging activity and the scavenging of radicals.
  • Moisturises and strengthens: The low molecular weight peptides in FK Restore™ can penetrate the cortex of hair resulting in internal repair and moisturization. FK Restore™ strengthens chemically treated hair, resulting in 52% stronger hair.
  • Improves Shine and Color: FK Repair™ improves shine and condition with 67% reduction in color fade.

FK Repair™ is non-GMO, halal certified and is sourced from 100% natural, renewable sheep wool. FK Repair™ is available in bulk solution and can be formulated into a broad range of everyday haircare systems.

Golden liquid

“Functional Keratin® peptide is able to penetrate directly into the cortex of damaged hair. Particularly usefulon chemically treated hair that has an increased tendency to break at low levels of extension. Tensile testing demonstrates a reduction in breakage and minimisation of brittleness in color treated hair, to levels evident in virgin hair, by incorporating Functional Keratin®. Clinically proven results show Functional Keratin® to be a superior performer in-formulation to polymer plexes.Daily care, chemical treatments, sunlight, environmental conditions, combing and straightening are just some examples of the typical conditions hair is exposed to that cause the keratin structure to become damaged, leading to poor hair condition.Reversal of that damage can only be achieved with a real keratin technology that contains all of the essential components of the native keratin protein.Functional Keratin® has the ability to actively repairthe hair shaft, leaving hair shinier, well nourished, with stronger ends, softer and silkier.”

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