Clean Preservatives

TeraStat™ N is the first natural cosmetic preservation system to use biostatic agent CGE. CGE is an important biolipid (alkyl glyceryl ether) that is originally...
Natural anti-fungal chelator. Use-level of 0.1-0.15%
Biolipid Defense for Natural Formulations Glyoshield™ is an all-natural liquid version of the high-performing biostatic agent Caprylyl Glyceryl Ether (CGE). CGE is an important biolipid...
Clean & consumer friendly.
Certified natural.
Natural high performing biolipid. Use-level of 0.1-0.7%
Synthetic, low irritation, higher use levels of 0.8% or more
Synthetic, clean-label. Use-level of less than 0.7% to avoid irritation
Synthetic, clean-label. Use under 0.5%.
Economical alternative to sodium benzoate. Use-level 0.1-0.15%


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