Aging & Actives


Salicin glucoside active ingredient for anti-inflammation in skincare and oral care products, from sustainable fermented Danish willow bark.

INCI: Salix Purpurea Bark Extract 

Keraplast FK Restore™ & FK Scalp™

Keratin peptides from all-natural New Zealand wool. FK Restore is the world leader in restoring hair strength, repairing bonds and healing over-processed hair. FK Scalp restores collagen and provides proven follicle strengthening.

INCI:  Keratin (and) Hydrolyzed Keratin (and) Oxidized Keratin

Keraplast FK Repair Ultra™

Designed to biologically repair broken disulfide bonds. The ultimate repair ingredient for over-processed hair. Reduces color fade.

INCI:  Oxidized Keratin


Active ingredient with proven human clinical efficacy for cellulite reduction


TeraCeutics™ CSA

High efficacy, low irritant, kerotolytic agent

INCI: Caprylyl Salicylic Acid

TeraCeutic™ Ferment

Natural fruit acid peeling and keratolytic agent from fermentation

INCI: Saccharomyces Ferment  (and) Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract (and) Arginine 


High purity bio-actives from New Zealand’s Totara tree.

INCI: Totarol


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