TeraSorb™ is a plant-based absorbent and texturizer. It’s unique amylopectin properties drive high performance in deodorant applications and skincare.


Key Benefits

  • Highly absorbent of sweat and oils.
  • Clean-label, non-synthetic.
  • Easily dispersible in water or oil phases.
  • Without swelling, it enhances skin feel and reduces greasiness for better texture.
  • Swelled, it forms a thermo-reversible gel that enhances rheology and stability.


  • TeraSorb binds to water and water-soluble materials faster.
  • TeraSorb also absorbs a lot more water and water-soluble materials than other conventional native starches.



Test Procedure

  1. Equal parts of blue-tinted water were added to containers containing the same amount of either TeraSorb or arrowroot starch.
  2. Powders and tinted water were mixed with a spatula until uniform and let sit for observation.
  3. After 24 hours, TeraSorb had absorbed a substantially greater amount of water and colorant than the arrowroot starch.
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