INCI: Cetyl Tranexamate Mesylate

TeraCeutic TXVector is the first of its kind anti-aging depigmentation active for a naturally even skin tone. Studies showed reduced redness in two weeks and reduced dark spots in four weeks.

: White to beige powder


  • Skin brightening and complexion perfecting products for the face, hand, and body.
  • Spot and blemish treatments.
  • Recommended forms: serums, lotions, sprays, gel-creams, and creams.

Key Benefits

  • Multifunctional ingredient for better cost-efficiency: emulsifier and skin brightener.
  • Delivers tranexamic acid into deeper layers of the skin.
  • Inhibits the activity of plasmin and subsequent inflammation cascade.
  • Prevents the UV-induced activation of melanocytes.
  • Dermatologically proven safe for skin.



Key Results

  • TeraCeutic TXVector reduces redness in 2 weeks and lightens dark spots in 4 weeks.
  • 100% of women agreed and strongly agreed their general skin condition improved in 2 weeks.
  • 100% of women noticed a more uniform complexion after 8 weeks.
  • 94% of women noticed a reduction of dark spots and age signs on their skin after 8 weeks.
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