Keraplast FK Scalp™

Keratin (and) Hydrolyzed Keratin (and) Oxidized Keratin

FK Scalp™ is a salon quality ingredient that delivers healthy scalps for beautiful, healthy hair.

FK Scalp™ is specifically formulated to improve scalp health by providing pollution protection and promoting follicle health. Scalp care is essential because it determines the health and condition of hair. Our increasingly complex lifestyles and the adverse effects of pollution are showing greater incidence of hair and scalp related problems such as hair loss, hair damage, dandruff and itchy scalp.

FK Scalp™ is the result of many years of research and understanding the impact of bio-active keratin on both skin and hair. Wound care research has established elements of how these bioactive proteins can stimulate healing, cell growth and antioxidant production. Combined with strong research findings in hair care and skin care, Keraplast’s portfolio of world class research has led to a product ideally matched to the emerging issue of scalp health in industrialised societies.

  • Improved follicle health and hair anchoring: FK Scalp’s™ protein and peptide combination stimulates skin cells to proliferate by up to 160% faster than a placebo while simultaneously promoting the expression of collagen IV, thus improving the anchoring and health of follicles. This promotes scalp health through the quicker replacement of cells and hair health with improved follicle strength significantly reducing hair fall while improving hair strength.
  • Protection from scalp inflammation: FK Scalp’s™ anti-inflammatory agent reduces the PGE2 response in cells undergoing inflammatory stress by up to 70%; reducing scalp inflammation, itching and premature hair follicle death. This reduction in PGE2 response enables maintenance of root nourishment and hair density.
  • Pollution and UV protection: FK Scalp™ protects the scalp from exposure to oxidative stress from pollution such as particulate matter, gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, as well as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. FK Scalp™ contains higher levels of cystine than any other protein material, scavenging free radicals before they cause scalp damage.

Clinical research into FK Scalp™ was conducted using the Laboratoire BIO-EC ex-vivo model to study human skin response to air pollution. This research demonstrated improved hair anchoring and follicle health, protection of scalp and follicle from pollution damage, and prevention of hair fall.

FK Scalp™ is non-GMO, halal certified and is sourced from 100% natural, renewable sheep wool. FK Scalp™ is available in solution and is well suited for the formulation of salon treatments and tonics.

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