Keraplast FK Restore™

Keratin (and) Hydrolyzed Keratin (and) Oxidized Keratin

FK Restore™ is a proprietary blend of keratin proteins that are closer in form and function to human hair than any other material previously produced, enabling the reversal of hair damage. FK Restore™ penetrates the cortex of damaged hair to nourish, strengthen, reduce breakage and restore hair structure.

  • Repairs damaged hair: Chemically treated is more brittle. FK Restore™ repairs damaged hair close to virgin state and binds strongly to exterior of damaged hair with 80% reduction in breakage.
  • Anti-Aging: Aging in hair can be caused by environmental factors like pollution and UV exposure, resulting in free-radical damage. FK Restore™ provides naturally high cystine content (4.3mol%) that provides a sacrificial shield against aging activity and the scavenging of radicals.
  • Moisturises and strengthens: The low molecular weight peptides in FK Restore™ can penetrate the cortex of hair resulting in internal repair and moisturization. FK Restore™ strengthens chemically treated hair, resulting in 52% stronger hair.
  • Improves Shine and Color: FK Repair™ improves shine and condition with 67% reduction in color fade.

FK Repair™ is non-GMO, halal certified and is sourced from 100% natural, renewable sheep wool. FK Repair™ is available in bulk solution and can be formulated into a broad range of everyday haircare systems.

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