Hydroxysomes® Retinaldehyde

INCI: Hydroxyapatite (and) Retinaldehyde


LABORATORY SKIN CARE®, INC. (LSC) has developed a novel method for co-engineering retinal (retinaldehyde) with its patented Hydroxysomes® Dermal Delivery Platform.

Retinal is a direct precursor to retinoic acid providing the
same therapeutic benefits as retinoic acid while eliminating skin irritation. However, it is highly unstable in its pure form. Hydroxysomes® stabilizes retinal for use in topical formulations.

Retinoids are natural antioxidants, improving skin texture by enhancing its firmness and thickness. Its natural pathway in the body is as follows:

Vitamin A   ►   Retinol   ►   Retinal   ►   Retinoic Acid (Rx)

  • Topical application of retinoic acid and retinol only delivers 2% of the retinoids into the skin
  • The remaining retinal pool remains on the skin causing irritation
  • Retinal is 20x more potent than retinol, and therefore a much smaller amount is used

Hydroxysomes® Retinaldehyde also delivers calcium to the skin which enhances the effect of retinal. By delivering retinal and calcium simultaneously, Hydroxysomes® Retinaldehyde provides integrated anti-aging properties for younger looking skin.

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