Hydroxysomes® Adenosine

Adenosine is a cosmetic active which significantly improves hair density and thickness when applied to the scalp. Pure adenosine has known dermal penetration challenges which can impede efficacy. To overcome this and achieve superior results, adenosine is delivered inside microscopic calcium particles that penetrate into deeper layers of the scalp.

INCI: Adenosine (and) Hydroxyapatite



  • Hair products designed to achieve thicker, fuller hair and reverse the effects of male or female pattern hair loss


Recommended Forms

  • Serums, lotions, sprays, gel-creams, masks


Key Benefits

  • Thickens the hair shaft and increases overall hair density
  • Extends the anagen (growth) phase of the hair growth cycle
  • Clinically proven to improve thinning caused by male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)
  • Gentler on the scalp than Minoxidil with less reported adverse effects



  • Suggested use level: minimum 1.8% for best efficacy
  • Add below 40oC in formulas at or above pH 5.5. Disperse solids into any system. Mix until homogenous.
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