Hair products to stimulate hair growth and mitigate hair shedding
Recommended forms: serums, lotions, sprays, gel-creams, and creams


Key Benefits

  • Delivers pro-sandalore to the scalp
  • Increases production of the anagen-prolonging growth factor IGF-1
  • Lipophilic to deliver active into deeper layer of the skin
  • Time-release formulation for day-long hair-growth stimulation


Brief Guidelines

  • Use level: 2 to 5 %
  • Readily dispersable in most oil phases


Key Results

  • Anti-hair shedding effects were seen after 8 weeks and maintained at week 24
  • The majority of the patients experienced hair regrowth and stronger, denser, shinier hair growth


Bioactive Rationale

Researchers have uncovered a previously unimaginable biological system: humans have olfactory receptors (ORs) not just in our nose, but all over our skin.

These newly discovered ORs are chemo-receptive, reacting to compounds and driving complex biological cascades. Activation of ORs by drug and cosmetic actives can switch on cellular responses, neurotransmitters, and hormones – which in turn drive bioligica responses.1

For hair growth and repair, the discovery of the OR2AT4 receptor in the root sheath of the hair follicles has been a breakthrough.2

Sandalore, a sandalwood-like aroma chemical, interacts specifically with OR2AT4 to dramatically stimulate hair follicles. Human clinical studies have demonstrated that patients with alopecia can be successfully treated with Sandalore, yielding a longer anagen phase of hair growth along with measurable and visible increases in hair density and thickness.3

Follicin (INCI: Sandalore Caprylate) is an improved OR2AT4 stimulator patent pending by Actera. It is a pro-active compound for sandal pentanol. While pure sandal pentanol may evaporate quickly, Follicin penetrates into the stratum corneum of the scalp where it reacts with natural skin enzymes to expose the active Sandalore. Follicin offers a time-released effect within the scalp structure, stimulating OR2AT4 receptors and providing proven hair growth impact.

Promotes Hair Growth & Inhibits Hair Loss

Independent clinical study on 60 female adults affected by telogen effluvium received treatment over a period of 24 weeks.3 Sandalore solution ameliorated clinical signs of telogen effluvium, with reduced hair shedding, increased hair volume, and increased percentage of anagen hair follicles.




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