Aleppo Tonic™

At the intersection of ancestral rituals and modern extraction technology sits a powerful skin-protecting extract – Aleppo Tonic. This bioactive lipid extract is sustainably sourced from the Mediterranean Aleppo Pine Forests of northeastern Tunisia. Consumed since ancient times for their rich nutritional and therapeutic benefits, pine seeds are a natural source of precious lipids, tocopherols, and essential fatty acids for the skin. These polyunsaturated fats help maintain the vital lipid barrier of the skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin nourished, supple, and youthful. Aleppo Tonic also exhibits a powerfully protective antioxidant effect by significantly reducing UV and high energy visible (HEV) light-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Pine seeds are released from their cones between 8-10 weeks after maturation. A modern green technology, known as supercritical CO2 extraction, is used to access and preserve the valuable bioactive phytonutrients in the pine seeds. This method results in potent, highly stable extracts without residual solvents or potentially harmful residues.

Pinus halepensis (Aleppo pine) seed oil

Physical Description
Clear yellow liquid

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