Cellular Oil

Pamper yourself with this rich yet fast absorbing and non-comedogenic oil. Sustainably sourced TeraFluid™ Chia and TeraFluid™ Rosehip provide vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phenolic compounds, and repleneshing omega-3,-6, and -9 fatty acids. Naturally fragranced by the bioactive CorDefense™, a coriander extract that helps maintain microbial balance on the skin by fighting off pathogenic bacteria.

Nourishing Scalp Oil

This lightweight scalp oil stimulates hair growth and inhibits shedding with Follicin™, a time-release bioactive that delivers pro-sandalore deeper into the scalp. Formulated with TeraFluid™ Light for a non-greasy, weightless feel and TeraFluid™ Chia to replenish essential lipids in the skin and hair for deep moisturization.