Brightening Hand Cream

This lightweight, fast-absorbing hand cream features TXVector™, a next generation bioactive that prevents and soothes both redness and dark spots. TXVector™ is a smart delivery form of tranexamic acid, allowing for permeation into deeper layers of skin, and also works as a primary emulsifier (o/w).


A low oil phase gel moisturizer that hydrates and absorbs easily into the skin promoting a plump and supple appearance. It contains mushroom-derived AquaGlucan™, an all-natural active that delivers immediate and long-term moisturization plus increased collagen production. Enhanced with TeraSerum™Jagua for a pleasant light blue appearance.

Recovery Balm

This nourishing cream balm rescues dry skin with mushroom-derived AquaGlucan™ which delivers immediate and long-term hydration and increased collagen production. TeraFluid™ Chia helps replenish essential lipids in the skin for deeper moisturization and Aleppo Tonic™ maintains the lipid barrier to keep skin nourished.

Body Veil

This featherlight gel-cream for body absorbs quickly without residue. Emulsified and gelled naturally with plant-powered TeraTexture™ and TeraGel™ for a lightweight skin feel. TeraFluid Light™ adds non-greasy glide for enhanced spreadability. Preserved with TeraStat N™, a gentle and natural broad-spectrum preservative.

Calming Cleanser

This gentle gel cleanser is powered by bioactive salicylates from Salixin¬Æ. Sustainably sourced from the Danish Purple Willow, Salixin¬Æ  soothes the skin with its superior anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. 

Dream Cloud

Bouncy, moisturizing gel-cream featuring mushroom-derived AquaGlucan™ which delivers immediate and long-term hydration and increased collagen production. Emulsified and gelled naturally with plant-powered TeraTexture™ and TeraGel™  for a luxurious skin feel. Enhanced with the modern rose olfactive profile of Rose Elixir™ and soothing blue color of sustainably-sourced TeraSerum Jagua™.

Glycolipid Cream Cleanser

This gentle cream cleanser is formulated with TeraBiome™, a glycolipid surfactant made from fermentation that effectively cleanses away impurities and removes makeup while maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier. The addition of TeraGlyceryl™ Olive provides hydrating and regenerative properties of olive oil while functioning as a mild co-surfactant. Thickened with TeraGel™, a natural gelling […]

Rich Cream

This luxurious water-in-oil cream provides ample occlusion without feeling greasy, and features third generation retinoid, Adapinoid®, a unique adapalene delivery system that is clinically proven to increase collagen, reduce photoaging, balance skin tone, decrease the appearance of pores, and clear acne-prone skin. Enhanced by Actera HA 1.0-1.5™ , a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for […]

Skin Soother

Formulated with TeraFluid Light™, this lightweight, non-greasy, luxurious cream leaves skin shining and supple. Enhanced with CorDefense™, a unique complex of functional elements including anti-inflammatory fatty acids like petroselinic acid and linolenic acid, and moisturizing phytosterols. Helps to soothe irritated skin, reduce redness and inflammation, and boost the skin’s antioxidant defenses.