Ingredient Concern: Hair / Scalp

Keraplast FK Repair Ultra™

FK Repair Ultra™ is a salon quality ingredient that repairs damaged hair and reduces color fade.

Keraplast FK Restore™

FK Restore™ is a proprietary blend of keratin proteins that are closer in form and function to human hair than any other material previously produced, enabling the reversal of hair damage. FK Restore™ penetrates the cortex of damaged hair to nourish, strengthen, reduce breakage and restore hair structure.

Keraplast FK Scalp™

FK Scalp™ is specifically formulated to improve scalp health by providing pollution protection and promoting follicle health. Scalp care is essential because it determines the health and condition of hair.


TeraBond™ is a reactive system that covalently bonds to amino acids and keratin fragments in human hair, including broken disulfide linkages, and is a natural, high performing Plex bond multiplier.


Salixin glucoside active ingredient for anti-inflammation in skincare and oral care products. Made from sustainably fermented Danish willow bark.


Sophorolipids are surfactants from fermentation that act as both probiotics and gentle cleansers. They have a bioactive and cleansing effect in the skin, reducing inflammation and ensuring barrier function and balanced microbiome.


Follicin stimulates hair growth and mitigates hair shedding with its time-release formulation.

Hydroxysomes® Adenosine

Adenosine is a cosmetic active which significantly improves hair density and thickness when applied to the scalp. Pure adenosine has known dermal penetration challenges which can impede efficacy. To overcome this and achieve superior results, adenosine is delivered inside microscopic calcium particles that penetrate into deeper layers of the scalp.

Actera Adenosine™

Actera Adenosine is an anti-inflammatory active for skin & scalp health. This multifunctional ingredient provides soothing and anti-aging benefits on skin and supports circulation and hair growth for scalp applications.