Cleansing Hair Mask with Keraplast
Creamy, high foam, oil-rich cleansing mask for hair.

1. Combine phase A and heat to 80°C.
2. Mix with propeller until below 50°C, add phase B, then pour into containers.

Physical Properties:
Semi solid balm

Passed 1 month @ 45C

Fermentation surfactant that mattifies oils

Glycolipid technology is all- natural and label- friendly
Solubilizes dirt & oil without foaming

Converts to Sophorolactone on the skin for moisturization and protection

Keraplast FK Restore 
For stronger, repaired hair, fights against signs of pollution and aging.

Keraplast FK Restore™
Functional keratin derivatives from all-natural New Zealand wool. Proven efficacy in restoring hair strength, repairing bonds, and healing over-processed hair. Full-spectrum hair care and hair...


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