Arcline Investment Management Invests In Actera Ingredients To Create Platform In The Rapidly Growing Bio-Actives Personal Care Space

NEWTOWN, PA, August 12, 2019 – Arcline Investment Management (“Arcline”), a growth oriented private equity firm with $1.5 billion of capital under management, today announced a strategic investment in Actera Ingredients (“Actera” or “the Company”). Actera is anticipated to be the first of several acquisitions as Arcline builds a bio-actives personal care platform. Actera is […]

Keep Dry and Carry On!

If you are a natural deodorant brand or product developer, give the consumer the very best deodorant performance possible. Tapioca starch (on the left) just can’t absorb moisture the way TeraSorb™ (on the right) does. Nature and Actera Ingredients has the very best technology for your 100% natural formulations.

Actera’s Crisis Engagement

Dear Customers and Partners: Providing amazing ingredients to brands and consumers in the personal care industry is our core goal. The unprecedented pandemic has not changed this fact, but like everyone across the globe, we are making adjustments. Actera wants you to know where we stand as people and as a business during this crisis. […]

New Topical Tranexamic Acid Derivative for the Improvement of Hyperpigmentation and Inflammation in the Sun-Damaged Skin

Ivan D. da Silva Souza / PhD Daniel Winn / PhD Lorraine Lampe / Bachelor of Chemistry Student Abstract Background: Skin-lightening products are used worldwide to treat persistent pigmentation disorders that impact our quality of life and self-confidence. However, consumers of cosmetic and over-the-counter skin lighteners struggle to find products that perform to their expectations. New, safe, and effective bioactives […]

Actera Expands Range of Skin Care Active Ingredients

TeraCeutic Visilift™Derived from peach gum resin, this active instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for up to 8 hours a day. TeraCeutic AquaGlucan™Deeply hydrates the skin and locks in hydration to prevent moisture loss.   TeraCeutic Visilift instantly fades signs of aging. Why peach gum? Peach gum or resin is secreted from […]

TeraSerum™ Yerba Mate ILOX+ Wins 2020 Sustainable Beauty Award

Actera’s TeraSerum™ Yerba Mate ILOX+ was named the winner in the 2020 Sustainable Beauty Awards category for Sustainable Ingredient. The award is given to a cosmetic ingredient that makes a sustainable difference in terms of environmental and/or social impact. The ingredient could have a lower environmental impact by cultivation/harvesting method, synthesis or application. Such materials […]

Why the Beauty Industry Should Pay Attention to Vaccines

And it is not just because they keep us disease-free. It’s the adjuvants. Vaccines and skincare share one thing in common. Both try to get bioactive compounds into hard to reach places. Vaccines need to get into our immune cells in order to be effective. The bioactive compounds, be they messenger RNA, attenuated viruses, proteins, etc, […]