Actera’s Crisis Engagement

Dear Customers and Partners:

Providing amazing ingredients to brands and consumers in the personal care industry is our core goal. The unprecedented pandemic has not changed this fact, but like everyone across the globe, we are making adjustments. Actera wants you to know where we stand as people and as a business during this crisis.

Public Health
During the COVID-19 outbreak we have committed to good citizenship and doing our part for public health. You can be assured that everyone at Actera is following all Federal and State behavioral & hygiene guidelines, as well as all enforcement directives.

Essential Business
Actera remains open and fully operational. The work we do in the chemicals, ingredients, and the personal care sector has been classified by the Department of Homeland Security and by the Governor of Pennsylvania as an essential business.

Economic Crisis
As the pandemic has evolved into an economic crisis, we are especially attuned to the impact on formulators and personal care manufacturers. Financial wellbeing has been reduced. As the crisis eases, consumers will want and need more value from their products. Manufacturers will need to increase performance and ensure maximum value.

With our four decades of innovation, formulation, and ingredient supply chain experience, Actera can work with you to supercharge improvements in value and performance. It is our core skill. It is the contribution we can make to help mitigate the potential damaging financial impact of this pandemic on your business.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Actera for help.


Daniel Winn

(215) 525-4564