What is Clean Beauty

It is what conscious consumers crave: amazing performance, a great sensory experience, and the desire to make a difference. The products they use impact the sensations of their mind, their opinions,​ their mood, and their sixth sense. People are constantly asking themselves:

Do These Ingredients Enliven Me?

Are They Safe?

What Does My Community Think About Them?

Today’s beauty companies are attuned to human psychology, to social chatter and emerging practices of self care. They are constantly adjusting product development to be in alignment with the flow of new science and new opinion.

So are we.​

Our Principles

At Actera we support the clean beauty industry with these core commitments:

Yes, clean formulation also means natural, much of the time but not all the time. Consumers are wise to this word.

Our Team

Actera’s team includes leaders from the cosmetic industry and chemical industry who bring a sophisticated understanding of the consumer care value chain. 

The team is capable of providing 360 degree support to product developers and brands, with deep knowledge of formulation, regulatory, safety, science, green chemistry, and claims support. 

We offer internationally recognized ingredient innovations together with substantial supply chain resources to service all segments the personal care and related industries.


Daniel Winn

Dan’s expertise is at the interface of chemistry, sustainability, and emerging trends in consumer health & wellness. For twenty years he has been involved in fine chemicals, natural products, and cosmetic ingredients in the US and globally.  Dan is an advocate of safe, natural, green chemistry, and has a passion for supporting new brands that are changing the face of the consumer marketplace.


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